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Can I be my own Wealth Manager?

Yes, you can!! 

Trust us. 

It isn’t that complicated.


Our phygital offering allows you to craft a personalized financial strategy and thrive as your own wealth manager. We seamlessly merge digital innovation with a a personalized human touch, providing a phygital solution accessible to everyone

Fee Plans

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  • Full Access to the Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool
  • One on One Introductory Call
  • Access to Special Webinars
  • Community Connect
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Monthly Research
  • Round tables on the 6-steps
  • Dedicated session with the Founder


  • Full Access to the Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool
  • One on One Introductory Call
  • Access to Special Webinars
  • Community Connect
  • Portfolio Reviews- One Time
  • Monthly Research
  • Round tables on the 6-steps
  • Dedicated session with the Founder


  • Full Access to the Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool
  • One on One Introductory Call
  • Access to Special Webinars
  • Community Connect
  • Portfolio Reviews- Half yearly
  • Monthly Research
  • Round tables on the 6-steps
  • Dedicated session with the Founder

What makes us Different?

A word of caution – Indeed, our industry is caught up in a maze of complexity, conflicts, & jargon and ought to be simplified. However, simplifying does not imply compromising on the essence. Successful investing requires a careful blend of purpose & personality, which necessitates investment of time. If you are looking for quick-fix solutions, you are at the wrong place🥹. Yes–should you consider signing up, rest assured that your time & money will be well spent.

Investing for the future is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. And everyone deserves personalized, unbiased, advice. However, there's a vacuum in the Indian wealth management industry:

Majority work as distributors of investment products.

They earn commissions* on the products they sell to you, and thereby have a conflict of interest. Incidentally, the regulator i.e., SEBI debars them from giving holistic advice.

Less than 1% Registered Investment Advisors

A small minority (less than 1%) qualify as investment advisors - which also includes us. They earn from the fees you pay them and thereby their interest is aligned to yours.

Limted Reach

Investment Advisors are, however, severely limited by their reach and can give in-person attention to just a handful.

Wealth-tech focus on last mile

Majority of the wealth-tech platforms are focused on solving the last mile (albeit important) problem, viz. helping you select schemes & execute transactions.


These platforms are like the pharmacists who give you the medicines basis the prescription you get from a qualified doctor.

Approach lacks Rigor

Some platforms do offer advisory but in our humble opinion their approach lacks the necessary rigor and intensity.

SereneKit aims to plug this gap. We have put together an online toolkit that distills all our knowledge & investment strategies into an accessible,

Do-It-Yourself platform, at a very affordable price tag.  In a nutshell, SereneKit helps you put together your own prescription.

At the heart of SereneKit, lies our proprietary The Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool– a cloud-hosted, questionnaire-based, & algorithm-driven software that helps you to arrive at your strategic asset allocation and set the necessary investment rules.

*while they do not charge you a fee, commissions are paid to them by deducting the amount from your investments.

Receive Unmatched Advantages

Wealth Roadmap

Navigate your financial journey with our comprehensive roadmap, guiding you on where to begin or efficiently manage your wealth.

Expert Crafted

Benefit from a tool, meticulously crafted by a veteran of over 25+  years in the wealth management industry where he has consolidated his expertise into one powerful resource.

Cost Saving

Save on intermediary commissions and from becoming the victim of noise system, cost of which can be huge.

Answers to a few SereneKit questions

Please visit this page to see details of what  The Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool has to offer. Specifically, do see the screenshots of the Risk Report. You get unlimited access to the tool. Once you get familiar with the tool and understand how to make full use of it, it serves as a financial cum investment cum retirement planner.

The idea of the introductory call is to take you through the Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool, besides elaborating on the features of the plan you have chosen. The call will be done by a qualified investment advisor, who will guide you step-by-step on how to use the tool and how to interpret the Risk report.

As part of our broader mission to re-think & re-imagine the wealth management industry, the topics we choose for our webinars (we would like to believe) are different and, in a sense, unique. First & foremost, we do not believe in doling out market views. We in fact, struggle to comprehend what to do with the many views floating around.  Hence, we select carefully crafted topics on various aspects of an individual’s investing journey and cover them in depth.

It is a thorough deep dive in your existing investment portfolio. We evaluate your portfolio using the output of the Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool and give our recommendations, including on every line item.

We intend forming a community of all SereneKit clients, where they can ask any question on the subject of wealth management, and our teams will provide guidance and support. We hope that over time, this community becomes a vibrant cohort where, through shared learnings & experiences members can support each other in making informed financial decisions and grow their wealth collectively

The monthly research covers various financial aspects including, investment strategies, savings techniques, budgeting tips, retirement planning, and more. It aims to provide readers with comprehensive insights and analysis to help them make informed decisions regarding their personal finances.

Please refer to this page. Through these round tables, we do a deep dive into each step. If, for some reason, you are unable to join, we will provide you with the recordings and the presentations.

Serenekit is Ashish’s brainchild to share his learnings & experiences of over 25 years, with a much larger audience. He believes most principles of investing remain the same – irrespective of one’s net worth and every individual should adopt the best practices being followed by successful Family Offices.

No. You get a dedicated relationship manager / advisor in our other offering, SereneServ. However, >in Serenekit<, depending on the plan, we have ensured that quality advice reaches you through a variety of channels, which may include roundtables, and ensuring you have the information you need to make confident wealth management decisions.

There is no minimum requirement. It is open to all. Even if you have just started earning or about to start, this will be a great induction for you to the world of investments & wealth management and will set you up nicely for the future.

No. However, we will guide you on how to prepare your own MIS and measure your performance.

No. However, we will guide you on how to execute and from where to execute in a secure, seamless, and cost-effective manner.

We do not like to divide our clients into any such silos. We are a net worth agnostic firm. And this plan too, is net worth agnostic. Incidentally, some of the people who have evinced interest qualify as High Net Worth Individuals.

If you are looking for a Wealth Management ally, you have reached the right place.

We Go Live with the 

enhanced version of the tool &

the Client onboarding process

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