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Hyper- personalised advisory in harmony with your needs & personality

Our Fee Plans

  1. Premium
  2. Consulting 
  3. What-if Audit

Premium / Consulting - An ongoing engagement.​

What we do?

We bring the same rigour in the management of your personal financial affairs that go into building a successful organisation.

Key tenets of our approach:

  • Method & discipline: work within well thought-out & documented frameworks.
  • Openness & agility : retain a defined level of flexibility to take advantage of changing landscapes & emerging opportunities.


What’s in a name:

  • Several large families have set up what is known as a Family Office
    – an eco-system which is on their side, works in their interest.
  • By engaging us, you take the first step towards setting up your very
    own Family Office

Three-phased relationship !

Co-creation of frameworks

  • Investment Planning & Policy
  • Execution
  • Tracking & reviewing
  • What-if Planning
  • Giving back

                                                                                       *refer to FAQ for more details

Timebound Implementation

  • Collaborative and solution-oriented approach
  • Right- source agencies from your existing OR our networks
  • Agencies such as banks,  wealth managers, fund managers, lawyers, CAs, tax consultants. 

Regular & rigorous review

  • Periodic stock-taking to ensure:
    • that all frameworks get implemented both in letter & spirit
    • quality of deliverables
  • Rope in domain experts 
  • Institutionalise the process

Difference between Premium & Consulting plan:

In the Premium plan, we take full ownership of the 3 phases and do an end-to-end coordination with all the stakeholders.

Who should pick Premium? 

If you are someone who is very busy with your job, profession, business, then this offering is for you. 

Who should pick Consulting?

If you have the time to strategize & monitor your investments, OR if you have people around you who can do all the legwork & coordination but need an experienced consultant for oversight & as a bouncing board, then this offering is for you.


0.4% of assets under advisement for Premium plan, and 0.2% of assets under advisement for Consulting plan.

What-if Audit - A one-time engagement

We spend so much time away from our loved ones, creating our nest of savings, investing it here & there to earn that extra return. But have we provided for these questions:  

  • what-if something were to happen to me, does my family know where my money is?
  • can they access it, can they use it?


When we pose these questions, we have found (especially with the salaried/professional class) that people are quite under-prepared for this eventuality. The sole objective of what-if audit is to identify the gaps in your investments & record-keeping, & help you prepare for the inevitable.

For more details, CLICK HERE.

Answers to a few SereneServ questions​

We are net-worth agnostic. There are no minimum net-worth criteria. 

No, we don’t. And that’s a deliberate decision. We are of the firm opinion that wealth management firms who have their own products tend to be biased towards nudging/pushing their products, as the earnings are higher. Whereas strictly speaking, a wealth manager needs to look at all products available in the market and pick the right ones at the lowest possible cost for their clients.

We therefore actively scout around for products, investment ideas, fund managers from all across. And we have absolutely no hesitation in reaching out to other wealth firms should they have an interesting product or idea.
We, in fact actively encourage them to keep running past their ideas, as just in case something matches with our client’s philosophy, we go ahead with it.

Family Office is a much mis-understood & abused word. Unfortunately, it gets brandished around by wealth managers, rather loosely.

So let us first understand what it does not mean. Hiring a wealth manager to manage a part of your portfolio is not a Family Office engagement. A necessary condition is that the wealth manager (i.e., if at all they are part of the equation) ought to have full visibility of the family’s entire wealth.

In essence, a family office is a unit that works closely with the family on all matters related to their wealth – including all investments (be it financial assets, real estate, private investments, family’s business interests), record & book-keeping, accounts & taxation, succession & legacy planning, induction of next generation, charity & foundations, setting up the right structures, geographical diversification, etc. This unit can be maintained in-house or outsourced or a combination of the two.

Some of our SereneServ mandates are in the nature of Family Office engagements.

In this day and age, we believe that investors should be able to execute their transactions seamlessly, without any or minimal paperwork. From what we have seen, many investors are comfortable using one of the many platforms (like Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, ET Money, Jupiter etc.) who allow you to buy mutual funds online, under direct plans. (As an aside, important to clarify that the net-banking platforms of most banks allow you to purchase only under regular plan)

For investors who are not comfortable or do not have the time to execute transactions on their own, many of the large private sector banks and brokers offer a POA (power-of-attorney) led execution platform, for a small
cost. We prefer onboarding our clients with these Institutions, as we believe movement of funds should be handled by large Institutions. This, incidentally, is also a global best practice where families take advantage
of the “best of both world” model – i.e., hire an independent stand-alone fee-based advisor for conflict-free advice and execute their transactions with a large Institution for a small fee.

Absolutely not. Yes, some of our clients whom we have onboarded with a wealth management firm for transaction-execution, end up paying a small cost.

Asset Allocation has the maximum impact on the eventual returns. As per a landmark study done in 1986 by Brinson, Hood, and Beebower (a study* often referred to by the wealth management industry), asset allocation has a 93% bearing. Of the balance 7%, scheme selection contributes 6% and market timing ONLY 1%.

Therefore, getting your asset allocation right is highly important, and that depends entirely on you, your current finances, your risk tolerance. Hence, we put the prefix strategic to asset allocation.


In our humble opinion, you need just one wealth manager. While it is a common practice to split between wealth managers, we cannot think of any good reason to do so. This practice gets followed, as wealth managers pitch
themselves as fund managers, whereas the two (wealth management & fund management) are two distinct professions. Ideally, they should not be mixed.

We are effectively the only wealth manager for our clients with full visibility of the portfolio and end to-end involvement in all strategic decisions. Some of them, due to legacy reasons or relationship reasons, allocate some part of their wealth to other wealth managers, but under our oversight. We will be happy to play the same role for you as well.

Investment Planning & Policy– Strategic asset allocation using RRR,(Required Rate of Return) framework, Prudential Norms, Fund Manager Selection, Tax efficiency
Execution– Segregate investment activities as a separate silo, secure, paperless, and cost-effective
Tracking & reviewing– Corpus-based, attribution analysis, benchmarking
What-if Planning–  Asset Register, Geographical Diversification, Ring-fencing, Wills/Trust
Giving back– Framework, Vehicle, Charity/Impact investing

Let us manage your wealth, while you create more