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Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool

Know your relationship with money and its impact on your future

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  5. Make the payment.
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What Is Risk? & Why Assess It Before Investing?

Risk Defined: In personal finance, risk revolves around the likelihood of not achieving your financial aspirations. A higher risk means a greater chance of shortfall, whereas a lower risk implies a closer alignment with your goals. 

Risk in the Context of Investment Returns: Sagacious investing seeks not just to outpace inflation, thereby safeguarding your purchasing power, but also to yield additional income for your expenditures. The crux of an investment is its ability to fulfill these objectives and minimize the probability of not meeting your life goals.

The Investment Lifecycle: Your stage in life dictates the nature of your financial commitments. Investment returns that don’t align with your expectations or don’t materialize at the needed time can derail your plans.

Two Types of Investment Risk: Ironically, while investments aim at higher returns to secure goals, they inherently possess risks. The primary avenues—shares and bonds—differ vastly. Shares offer potentially higher yet more volatile returns, while bonds tend to be more stable but with lesser gains.

Serenity's Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool

Guiding Critical Financial Decisions 

Purpose of the Tool: This tool is crafted to help you pinpoint the returns you require and the timeline for their realization. It aids in determining the suitable mix of shares and bonds in your portfolio, considering the volatility of returns. 

The Risk Assessment Process: Our online guide encompasses two key questionnaires: 

  • A 20-question survey assessing your finances, goals, and savings. 
  • A 30-question risk tolerance and market awareness quiz. 

Investment: A Balanced Approach

Invest Wisely with Serenity 

Investment Complexity and You: While our sector can be convoluted, true simplification doesn’t neglect intricacy. Thoughtful investing melds your objectives with your risk profile, warranting an investment of time—in our experience, 30 minutes for the “guest” version, and 1 hour for the “client” version of our tool. 

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We uphold the highest standards in data security, employing advanced measures to protect your personal information at every step of your financial journey with Serenity. 

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