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Why Serenity

Serenity cares for you and your family. We follow your investment growth with the same commitment that you put into planning your future. Our primary values are compassion – to feel what you feel, integrity – to do what is right always, and transparency – to keep you completely informed. These values are drivers to provide you full access to all information, resources and digital tools you will need to safely navigate your investment journey.

Our Approach

We empower you with the right information to secure your financial future. We help you understand:

Our approach enables you to make the right choices and will give you a sense of direction in these unpredictable financial markets. We are an RIA*, and we have only one source of income, viz., the fee we earn from you. No product-based incentives, no in-house products for us.

* Registered Investment Advisor 


7 Key Reasons to Partner with Serenity


Industry veteran as a Founder

Our founder, Mr. Ashish Khetan was formerly with India’s key banking and financial conglomerate. He played a key role in building their wealth management business. With more than 25 years of experience, he is known to serve the best interest of his clients. He founded Serenity Wealth to redefine the virtues of wealth management as a practice.

Work with us at no extra cost

There are broadly two types of cost you incur when you invest through funds (be it mutual funds, AIF’s, PMS’s) – fund manager’s fee and the distributor’s commission. Some funds have a very complex cost structure which is tilted in favour of the fund*. Serenity will ensure that you pay only the mandatory fees and negate or renegotiate other charges**. This saving in most cases, as we have seen, more than offsets the fee you pay to us.

*a study conducted by the US administration had shown that Americans lose 1% annually to hidden fees & backdoor payments which reduces their savings by over a quarter over 35 years.

**applicable for our SereneServ offering


Clarity without noise

Between communication from institutions, fellow investors on social media and wealth managers, the investment world can be loud and noisy. We cut this clutter that affects your decisions. This will help you get a clear understanding of efficient and effective drivers and actions.

More money has been lost trying to anticipate and protect from corrections than actually in them – Peter Lynch



Your goals are our purpose

The aspirational needs of you and your family can be translated to achievable financial goals. We will help you define them. This collective true north drives us to help you manage your wealth. As a reliable, responsive and responsible partner in all your future financial endeavours, we will walk towards your financial freedom hand in hand.

All investors are vulnerable

You worked hard to build your nest of savings. Whatever be the size of your nest, it is invaluable for you. We at Serenity are building a practice which does not define you by your net worth. You can be the new cautious saver, the spirited experience seeker, the diligent rainmaker, or the high-net-worth family doyen, we focus on the defined goals and not the size of the wealth managed.


Technology as an enabler

You need to optimise your time, effort and resources on managing wealth. Technology enables efficiency and effectiveness. To start with, our Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool is a robust user-centric technology solution.  Please bookmark the Investment Tool section & keep a regular tab on our innovative tools & products, that will help you evaluate investment decisions without a bias.


Your gatekeeper

You secure our interest and hence we always work to secure yours. We are your vigilant gatekeepers** who lets in all those service providers who can add value to your investment process – be it fund managers or specialists of different hues (tax, legal, insurance, execution, MIS). We view the entire investment ecosystem as collaborators (and not as competitors), with our job being to get the optimal value out of them.

*applicable for our SereneServ offering

Before we connect...

It is important for you to recognise and understand the three most common barriers to seek a wealth management expert. If you are aware of them it is easy to deal with them and work around them. Read on.

Why should I switch to Serenity?

In other words Habitual Complacency. To overcome the barrier to break away from status quo, you need to evaluate your present wealth management habit if you have one. And if you do not, you should start one. Two key questions: are you aware of all investment decisions and the reasons for them? Are you more than a spreadsheet on your wealth manager's desktop?

Why should I trust Serenity?

With nearly three decades in wealth management, we know the practice is flawed. And we know this comes with an intrinsic trust deficit. Our primary goal is to change the approach, the practice and eventually make wealth managers allies to investors, without reservations. This starts with a promise of full disclosure and transparency on all decisions taken with you and for you.

What will I get from Serenity?

We will serve you wealth management in a simplified format that is comprehensible and approachable. This helps you to process the decisions better and make an independent view on all aspects. The idea is to demystify and make it more accessible and to make you participate in your own financial success.

If you are looking for a Wealth Management ally, you have reached the right place.