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For Investors

Trusted Services That Make Your Money Work Harder.

Everyone, without an exception & at all levels of income, has the right to invest their money and reap the benefits of good wealth management.

The industry is however skewed towards investment products and timing the market. We at Serenity focus on shifting the skew. Our priority is an optimal allocation of your assets to suit your appetite for risk. Our priority is you.

With our experience of three decades in the financial sector, we have created an ideal approach to define your financial future.

1 Set Goals

We start out by understanding your life goals, aspirations, responsibilities – essentially your purpose. We also assess your investor-personality – how aggressive/conservative, active/passive you are or can afford to be, as an investor. This will be done through our proprietary Risk Assessment Tool.

2 Set Rules

The successful investors have what is referred to as the IPS (Investment policy Statement). Your IPS will be a natural outcome of the 1st step and it will lay down the framework within which you & your family must operate. It is a set of rules, a list of dos & don’ts and will have four critical elements – strategic asset allocation, re-balancing norms, maximum loss range and exposure norms.

3 Build a Portfolio

We will evaluate your present investments. Reconstitute wherever necessary, in accordance with your goals and rules. In terms of vehicles, while mutual funds are our preferred vehicle, we will critically evaluate the need for investing through other vehicles viz – direct investments, alternate investment funds (AIFs) and PMS, in your portfolio.

4 Establish Execution

We will establish a secure, seamless, and paperless method of executing the investment transactions. If you are at ease with online tools, we will coach you to do these transactions. Or else, we will refer you to an agency that can work on mail approvals. The cost of execution should be an important consideration. We will guide you.

5 Track and Review

We will set a regular cadence of evaluating the performance and progress of your portfolio. These timely evaluations will help us reconstruct parts of your portfolio for a better outcome. If you have worked hard for your money, shouldn’t your money work hard for you?

6 Setup Transition

In case of any emergency, your family should be able to access and operate your assets seamlessly, as you would want it to be. We will help you define this transition by documenting critical information and the right credentials, as needed.

Now that you know this, how should you engage with Serenity?

Our service plans are designed to accommodate your willingness and comfort level to manage your wealth. They range from a do-it-yourself plan with Roundtables to a complete wealth management plan where Serenity owns the entire six steps. Go ahead and pick what is good for you.

Our Offerings

Personalised advisory in harmony with your needs & personality

We understand that managing your wealth requires a personal touch and thorough understanding. Therefore, we offer you an approach that is designed specifically for one-on-one engagement. Through our well-designed six-step process, we work with you to identify your unique goals and help you achieve them. Know More

Traditional Approach​

One on One Engagement ​

You hire us as your Wealth Manager​​

Online toolkit to enable you to become your own wealth manager

Everyone deserves unbiased advice on their finances & investments. However, the wealth industry remains dominated by distributors;  the wealth-tech platforms are focused on the last mile problem; hence, investors are forced to run the harder miles on their own and are vulnerable to being sold products they do not need. SereneKit plugs this vacuum with its refreshingly different, tech-enabled, yet intense approach. Know More

Innovative Approach​

One to Many Engagement ​

You hire us to become your own Wealth Manager​​

Answers to commonly asked questions about our offerings for investors

We have no such minimum savings clause and look forward to serving everyone with the most appropriate service that suits their goals. For us, it is not the net-worth, but the individual behind the net-worth, who is important.

We are a RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) and thereby as per law we offer a strictly fee-based service, no matter which of our service offerings you choose. From our viewpoint, the distribution model is in conflict with the interest of investors.

Of course. If you are willing to invest both time and money into wealth management but want to test the waters first, you can subscribe to SereneKit. It will definitely help you get a better understanding of savings and investments. When you think you are ready for a deeper commitment, you can subscribe to SereneServ.

Not required, you only need to engage us as your investment advisor by executing an advisory agreement. Post that, we will evaluate your current arrangements (applicable only for SereneServ) both on cost and seamlessness of transaction execution. If we believe that you are better off moving to another agency, we will advise you so.

Family Office is a much mis-understood & abused word. Unfortunately, it gets brandished around by wealth managers, rather loosely.

So let us first understand what it does not mean. Hiring a wealth manager to manage a part of your portfolio is not a Family Office engagement. A necessary condition is that the wealth manager (i.e., if at all they are part of the equation) ought to have full visibility of the family’s entire wealth.

In essence, a family office is a unit that works closely with the family on all matters related to their wealth – including all investments (be it financial assets, real estate, private investments, family’s business interests), record & book-keeping, accounts & taxation, succession & legacy planning, induction of next generation, charity & foundations, setting up the right structures, geographical diversification, etc. This unit can be maintained in-house or outsourced or a combination of the two.

Some of our SereneServ mandates are in the nature of Family Office engagements.


Let us get to know you better

As your wealth management ally, to begin we need a systematic assessment of your risk appetite. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive quiz and an algorithm that drives our flagship starter kit - The Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool..

If you are looking for a Wealth Management ally, you have reached the right place.