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Investment Tools

Try out our path-breaking tech tools, each designed to guide, enable, and empower you

Over two decades of wealth management experience of our founder, resourcefulness & dynamism of a young founding team, backed by technology & intuitive thinking. All these elements are reflected in the path breaking tools introduced by Serenity and accessible to all. Please use these and if you have any clarification or feedback.  Do GET IN TOUCH

Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool

Compute your required rate of return, compare it with your risk dashboard, and arrive at your strategic asset allocation and set investment rules.

Direct Vs Regular

We can’t think of a good reason why one should invest in regular plans. If already invested, should you switch to direct? Use the analyser to decide.   

Expected Return Range framework

Basis your strategic asset allocation, compute the range of expected returns using the concept of normal distribution. 

Retirement Mis-Calculator

Calculate the amount you need to save per month towards your retirement. Click to find out why we have called this as a Mis- Calculator.

Return Simulator

Travel back in time across three geographies to find out what your returns would have been.

If you are looking for a Wealth Management ally, you have reached the right place.