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Serenity Circle

Welcome to this circle of like-minded people with a penchant to change the wealth management World. We have gathered here with the singular goal of creating a new approach that is investor-centric and focuses on asset allocation than on products or market timing. If your beliefs align with this you should be a part of the Serenity Circle – write to us.

P.S. These are not testimonials.

Ujwal Thakur

Former Financial Advisor

Listening to Ashish talk about the primacy of asset allocation in creating future wealth was educational. Ashish was too polite to tell me that had I not been an investment idiot....

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Nandan Maluste

Banker, Management Consultant and an Evangelist

“Having enough money when you need it can make all the difference between happiness and misery. Unfortunately, very few of us are brought up or educated with the consciousness or skills to address this reality. It requires disciplined planning and arranging of income, expenditure, saving and investment, appropriate levels of insurance and borrowing. I have known Ashish Khetan professionally and personally since the late 1990s. Hence can vouch that he has the education and experience (the head) as well the intent (the heart) to help all Indians to plan their financial wellbeing. I am delighted that in Serenity Wealth Ashish has created a vehicle to apply his head and heart to the greater good.”

Ujwal Thakar

Veteran Banker & Philanthropist

“The passion with which he spoke about the sacred nature of managing money and building the cosy comfort of a financial nest for future harmony for the individual and all those s/he were responsible for was thought provoking …It lead me to think of my own callousness in the space deprioritising long term financial security in my growth years .. it was the mistaken belief that managing money was for the rich and for senior years .. listening to Ashish talk about the primacy of asset allocation in creating future wealth was educational .. Read more

Shiva Viswanathan

CMO & Design Head,

“It is time that wealth management as a practice becomes humanized and feels more inclusive. It is time that my wealth manager felt like they are on my team rather than on the team of an investment product. Making your money work hard should be joyous and not like an unresolved puzzle.”

Aroon Khatter

Founder, Vendekin Technologies

“I believe that what Ashish is building at Serenity Wealth can be disruptive and refreshing in an industry that is often considered hard to decipher largely due to perceived or portrayed complexity. As public and private markets grow in India, data driven solutions that enable sound financial advice of unbiased integrity are the need of the hour. Serenity’s vision and mission seem very well aligned to the cause above.”

V Swaminathan

Director - World V Fund & a venture capitalist

“Serenity Circle attempt to make available Wealth Management advise available to “masses” rather than restrict it to “classes” is an innovation worth supporting.”