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For Employers

An Investment in Employee Welfare.
We Assist You to Help Them.

Young professionals shun wealth management because of three reasons

However, with the right nudge and guidance they can reap the benefits of financial wellness.

Employers should consider offering this as a benefit for their employees by partnering with Serenity Wealth.

As an employer you can go beyond salary accounts, loans, and credit cards to offer assistance to your employees in their financial endeavours without any conflict of interest or added responsibility. We offer them the right direction, guidance, and the path to financial wellness through both one-on-one and group coaching sessions. This will help the employee and you, the employer.

What will an employer gain by partnering with Serenity?

If you do partner with us for wealth management you are enabling the betterment of your employees.

Motivated Employees

Financial well-being can be a strong factor in reducing stress and encouraging everyday productivity. This will nurture motivated employees who can focus on their core competence and tasks with responsibility.

Dedicated Performance

Most employees are hindered by nagging financial hurdles constantly. This can hinder their performance in professional tasks that have been set out for them. Good financial wellness can nurture better performance.

Manage Employee Absence

Good money health is good motivation. Globally reports suggest that there has been an observed reduction in absenteeism and ill health in employees with better planning and visibility of their own monetary status and resources. Your employees will turn up.

Higher Retention

Reports suggest that employees look for better remuneration only if bad financial planning exists. You can retain your employees if you help them plan and save better. This will lead to contentment in professionals and so less churn.

More Trust in Employer

If you partner with us, your team will feel more cared for. Money is a key factor playing an important role in an employee’s life. Planning resources and embracing financial education will take the pressure off and leave them feeling more secure.

Overall, partnering with us will benefit your employees, both financially and emotionally, which will result in an increase in their commitment and loyalty to your organization.

How do we engage employees for their financial wellness?

Group Sessions

Who will benefit from this plan?
As an introduction to managing wealth, this works for all employees of your organisation. It starts with basic financial education and tools/tips to manage money. We help them by providing the right guidance towards knowledge and attitudinal change towards wealth management.

So what will you get in this plan?
The scope is customisable and starts by covering just the basics. We could then run your employees through the Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool, and can even extend a subscription for the Do It Yourself plan, typically offered only to our individual investors, to each of your employees.

How much does this cost?
This offering will be held as sessions at your office or through video conferencing sessions for everyone together. The pricing will vary depending on the scope and the number of employees.

One on One

For whom is this plan idea for?
For employers wanting their select or group of employees to be hand held by a certified investment advisor through their wealth management journey.

So what will you get in this offering?
As an instructive offering, it entails running the selected employees through the complete Risk Assessment & Investment Policy Tool, recommendation emails, Roundtables, and support content. Tailor-made one-on-one consulting sessions based on their report and their wealth management status The scope is customisable and can range from covering the specifics, having their portfolio reviewed to getting each of your employees enjoy to the extent of subscription for the Consulting Plan offered to our individual investors.

How will it be executed and what will it cost?
This offering will be held as sessions at your office or through video conferencing sessions for the select employees at a pre decided agenda. The pricing will vary depending on the scope and the number of employees.

Answers to commonly asked questions about our offerings for employers

Time and again across many surveys it has been found that employees have untapped potential blocked by their worries for the financial future of their families. Offering a service that keeps them worry-free about their future as a helpful perk increases their motivation, involvement, and overall productivity.
We will conduct one-to-many sessions mutually worked out for your employees. They will cover topics around investment, wealth management, what-if, etc. These sessions will be tiered according to the hierarchy for a workspace with a large headcount.

The focus of our conversations with your employees will be largely on the topic of asset allocation and the process one needs to follow to arrive at one’s asset allocation. As asset allocation decisions have a 93% bearing on return variability, whereas product decisions and market timing decisions have a 6% and 1% bearing respectively. On drawing a line in the scope of our engagement, if you so wish, we can refrain from giving recommendations on specific products. On market timing – we clear our stand that no one is capable of predicting or advising on it.

All data that is shared with Serenity Wealth is secured by end-to-end encryption to ensure maximum standards are upheld for data privacy. Personal Data of any employee will be treated with utmost confidentiality and parity as any of our individual investors irrespective of their wealth. Any data of any individual will not be shared with any other party, including the employer who may have acquired our services for their own employees.

If you are looking for a Wealth Management ally, you have reached the right place.