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About Us

Serenity's Vision

A responsible, sustainable, and prosperous world through the enablement, empowerment, and self-actualization of EVERY investor.

Serenity's Mission

To deliver personalized and transparent wealth management strategies customized to the unique performance-risk preferences of each client through technology-enabled user-centric platforms and practices.

Founder’s Journey

Ashish made a career shift into wealth management in late 90’s, after spending his formative years in corporate finance. He likes to describe his well-over-two-decades journey in wealth management, as a tale of two contrasting halves.

Why Rethink?

We all have different attitudes towards money. Money can give us joy and it can give us severe angst too. It is a relationship and it needs to be nurtured. We at Serenity believe that wealth management as a practice is about fostering your relationship with money. It is about trying to understand the aches, pains and the sheer delight that it can give you.

Why Serenity

Serenity cares for you and your family. We follow your investment growth with the same commitment that you put into planning your future. Our primary values are compassion – to feel what you feel, integrity – to do what is right always and transparency – to keep you completely informed.

Serenity Circle

Industry experts and thought leaders are leading a transformation in how wealth management is handled to usher in financial inclusion. If you believe in giving access to wealth management services as a compassionate service for all, you can be part of the Serenity Circle. We are working to amplify the joy of investing by weeding out jargons and encouraging modern practices.

Ujwal Thakur

Former Financial Advisor

Listening to Ashish talk about the primacy of asset allocation in creating future wealth was educational. Ashish was too polite to tell me that had I not been an investment idiot....

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